Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carlos Here Again

November already.   Election Day, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving Day are approaching.  I really need to start Christmas shopping.  Mom is ging to American Girl in NYC the end of the month and she is really psyched about that.   We're due for another storm up this way mid-week... not sure if it will be rain or snow.  It's getting cold enough for snow.  We received no damage from Hurricane Sandy which was good,but I feel awful or the people who did.  I know there was lot of damage in NYC.   All I can think about Teygan still.... I really miss speaking with her.   Long distance relationships aren't easy... but no one said they would be.  Maybe Mom will send me thru the mail to visit Teygan.... really it's all I want for Christmas.   Any way.... have a good day everyone.  Until I blog again, Carlos.

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