Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Summer everyone!   Joaquin here.  Not much going on.  Just finishing summer school.  I had to go to summer school, my English isn't so good.  There's a girl I really like... but she likes someone else.  Should I tell her I like her?  Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.   I've been playing a lot of baseball this year and I am the catcher on our team, which is really cool!   I cannot believe how quickly the summer is flying by.  Catch you later.  Joaquin


  1. ¡Hola, Joaquin!
    I know what you mean. Every student from a non-English speaking country at my boarding school has to attend sessions with an ESL tutor. It's terrible...we don't really need to go, either!
    I think your English is very good, by the way. :)
    Definitely tell the girl you like that you like her. We girls love to know how guys feel.
    Good luck with baseball! It seems like you really like it. My friend Melanie is a huge Red Sox fan- she's from Boston. Nellie hates her; Nellie is a huge Yankees fan since she's from NYC.

  2. OOOOOOOOOH JOAQUINNN!!!!! Who is it??~Teygan

    1. I can't say who it is. I mean... well... you know her..... that's all I'll say. Joaquin