Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Joaquin here

Hey, I'm back.  Carlos is too busy with football try outs.  Any way... here we are again.  Summer school is over and I did okay.. I passed with a 70.  Mom said I could have done better if I put more effort in to my work.  Easy for her to say, she knows how to speak and write okay english, I don't.   I'm trying to learn a little more there and here. 

My two hermanas, Lourdes and Martika left for cheerleading tryouts with Ireland, Brigid and Maeve.  I hope they all make it on the team.   I have soccer try outs 2morro pm.  Jeff, Liam and Thor are going with me.  We all like soccer.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.   Mikhail wanted me to join ice hockey.. no thanks way 2 cold for me. 

Later Peeps



  1. I hope you make the soccer team! It's always fun when school starts back up, isn't it? You have all these new clubs and activities to try.

    I hope this school year is great for you and you have good luck with learning English!

  2. Gracias Samantha. I hope I make the soccer team also. A lot of good runners are trying out, Jeff and Liam are two of the best. I hope I learn English, too. It's not an easy language to learn. Keeno